Group Benefit Plans

As an employer/HR professional, are you considering group life/disability/health benefits for your organization? Or if you have a plan in place, are you wondering whether you are getting the best value for your dollar?

For those of you who do not yet have a plan in place, consider the following advantages:

  1. SAVES MONEY!! A group insurance dollar is cheaper than a salary dollar. There is no CPP, EI, WSIB or EHT to be paid on top. Nevertheless, it is mostly tax-deductible. Furthermore, you can (and should) share the cost with the employees.
  2. SAVES MONEY!! Attracts and helps to keep good employees, thereby reducing turnover costs (advertising, interviewing, training).
  3. Reduces the employer’s responsibility. With group insurance in place, the employer doesn’t have the moral responsibility to look after the family of a disabled or deceased employee. (Especially in the case of disability, where the employee is unlikely to have private coverage, inexpensive group insurance is indispensable.)
  4. Easy to install, administer and adjust to changes. Your broker does almost all of the work.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or want to evaluate your existing plan, we at Michael Cherney Financial will provide you with a free analysis, including quotes from several top Canadian companies such as Manulife, Sun Life, Great-West Life and many others. Want to know a secret? There’s a low-cost provider out there that you may not have considered. Contact us for details.

Do you want to know an easy way to shave the cost of your group premiums? Let us show you some alternate ways of delivering your plan!

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